X-Bond offers a highly decorative, non-combustible and corrosion-resistant finish suitable for all laminating applications. Thanks to an enhanced anodic layer, the back-side withstands the hot gluing process employed in the manufacture of aluminium composite panels (ACP). This is combined with a special sealing process on the exposed surface, which permits it to offer excellent resistance from fading, corrosion or failure even it is generally employed on thin-gauge aluminium. Available in a Standard Mill Finish, Brush Finish and Brite Finish.

Typical metal gauge (mm) 0.3 - 0.5
Typical anodising film thickness (microns) 5/8
Typical alloys EN AW 5005-H14 AQ (Standard Mill Finish/Brush) or EN AW 1085-H18 AQ
Metal width (mm) 1 000 - 1 600
Exterior Yes
Interior Yes
Electrolytic UV-proof colouring Yes
Organic colouring Yes