This Aloxide product has been the reference for architectural and general purpose anodised architectural sheet for over 45 years. A treatment for matte architectural façade and interior applications with excellent control of gloss and colour levels within a coil and from coil-coil. This is the product which is also widely sold by distributors in Europe. Available in natural and the full range of UV resistant colours and organic colours. X-Wall has a multitude of fine architectural references around the world. On site studies have shown that there is no diminution in the anodic film over the very long term – even in aggressive environments.

Typical metal gauge (mm) 1.0 - 5.0
Typical anodising film thickness (microns) 5/8/10/12/15/20
Typical alloys EN AW 5005-H14 AQ
Metal width (mm) 1 000 – 2 000
Exterior Yes
Interior Yes
Electrolytic UV-proof colouring Yes
Organic colouring Yes